Recent Wedding, Liberty View Farm, Highland, Annie and Benjamin

Annie and Benjamin's Wedding
Liberty View Farm 
Highland, New York

Annie and Ben's wedding took place on a farm called Liberty View Farm in Highland, New York. It was perfect. The owner, Billiam, has taken such great care in creating a quaint and beautiful farm setting for a dream wedding location that included a beautifully decorated farm house, vegetable and flower garden, an apple orchard, a red tractor and goats! It was so perfect, I think Billiam had something to do with the great weather as well! I could not stop taking photos.

Annie and Ben shared their wedding day with friends and family, along with Annie's dog, Monty. The ceremony was held outdoors under a grand tree while guests sat on hail bails. After the ceremony, Annie and Ben took a walk with me through the orchard where we found amazing light. Dinner and dancing were in the barn! I love a farm wedding!

Thank you Annie and Ben for sharing your wedding!

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