Recent Wedding, Pier 60, NYC

Margaux and Jonathan's Wedding
Pier 60
New York, New York

Margaux and Jonathan's wedding took place at Pier 60 on a hot summer day. The Pier is on the very edge of Manhattan Island overlooking the Hudson River. The day started at the Hotel where we crossed the city to the river's edge, wedding dress in hand, to the Pier where the bride dressed. The couple met outside by the river, kissed and then went inside to get married. 

Their's was a love story stemming from great hope, deep commitment and support. Jonathan's great grandmother had somehow saved her and her husbands gold wedding bands through the Holcaust. Those rings had been to many weddings since and they were there at their wedding as well. There was their love story, the story of the rings and then there was that wedding dress. It was stunning. Over sized and larger then life, it took on a life of it's own magnificently. In fact everything, including the brightly colored flowers and decor by Jes Gordon/ProperFun, handmade wedding invitations, (made by Margaux), a hand sewn Hupa with sunshine faces looking down on the them during the ceremony at sunset, and bridesmaids dresses in bright orange - all made this wedding uniquely their own. It was easy to feel part of this beautiful day. Notes were hung with bright ribbon to display the artistry their guests shared with the couple on their RSVP cards. It was an elegant wedding with touches of whimsy throughout. During the reception, the bride treated her guests to a song and sang Florence and the Machine's, "Dog Days are Over", it was inspiring!

The escort card table was decorated with photographs I took of their Engagement Portrait Session. Please take a look at their Engagement Portrait Session photos by clicking here.

I shot this wedding with a combination of film and digital cameras, the film cameras I used were the Contax 645, the Hasselblad and a Holga for fun, along with the Canon D5 Mark ll. 

Thank you Marguax and Jonathan for sharing your beautiful wedding!







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