Recent Wedding, Frankies 457, Brooklyn, NY

Yuko and James's Wedding
Carroll Gardens,
Prospect Park and 
Frankies 457, 
Brooklyn, New York

Yuko and James's wedding could have been complicated. The bride is from Japan and the groom is from England. Their families and friends traveled from all over the world to be part of their wedding, which took place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn - making this a destination wedding for almost everyone. The couple chose to keep things simple by keeping everything in and near their Brooklyn home, the park and a favorite local restaurant they love. The invitation was in English and on the reverse in Japanese, while the ceremony and toasts were read in both languages. The dual languages kept everyone involved and kept everyone feeling that they were all part of the celebration. 

It was amazing for me to be part of this beautiful wedding and capture the love and joy Yuko and James have found in each other and that they were able to share their day and the lives they love in Brooklyn with their family and friends. 

I shot this wedding in a combination of film and digital. The film cameras I shot with are the Contax 645, the Holga, the Widelux and the Hasselblad, just a few of my favorites. 

Thank you Yuko and James for sharing your wedding! 

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