Recent Wedding, Grove Point, Westport, CT

Taryn and Ben's Wedding
Private Residence, Grove Point
Westport, Connecticut

Love, sunshine and home-made cakes made for a perfect combination for this beach and backyard wedding. Taryn and Ben's wedding took place in beautiful Westport Connecticut, were Ben's father married them on the beach they grew up playing on as neighbors in their small community. Their wedding was a reflection of their love and friendship with each other, and the closeness they share with their families and friends. It was a wedding filled with warmth, lots of love and delicious cakes made by Taryn

I love how these photographs capture the light and how it adds to the emotion of the day. I shot tis wedding in a combination of film and digital cameras. The cameras I used were the Contax 645, the Contax N1, a Hasselblad, Widelux, Holga, and the Canon D5 Mark ll. 

The wedding was planned by Lindsey Maurath did a beautiful job!

Congratulations Taryn and Ben!

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